Hello my Brothers and friends of the Craft, my name is Hank Kraychir. I am a Master Mason, a York Rite Mason and a Knight Mason. My primary blog is Gnosismasonry; however, I developed this additional blog to compliment my interest in Albert Pike’s book Morals and Dogma, which I read and study daily.

I first started posting quotes from his book on my twitter account to help spread his incredible teachings; but eventually found out that it would be much easier to use this blog than create an independent file each time I wanted to post something I learned from Pike’s book Morals and Dogma on Twitter. I honestly think this blog will work much better by making his quotes easier to read, follow associated and definition links and allow bigger and better pictures to be aligned with the subject matter.

I welcome your feedback and hope you will come and visit this blog daily for an updated quote from Pike ~/G\~ 


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    • I have enjoyed reading your blog as well! Sorry to hear about your troubles in the Craft. I will be addressing many of the things you experienced, as well as my experiences, in my upcoming book, Masonry and the Three Little Pigs (2016). The story of the three little pigs is a metaphor for problems with Masonic behavior. God bless my brother ~/G/~

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