The secret movers of the French Revolution had sworn to overturn the Throne and the Altar upon the Tomb of Jacques de Molai.


Pike gives us an interesting account of Templar participation in the French Revolution. In short, he believed it was payback for the earlier death of Jacques de Molai. This now concludes Chapter 30.

On another personal note about Pike’s work on Chapter 30, I find it most interesting that Pundits of Masonic scholarship often cite his book Morals and Dogma as a Scottish Rite SJ publication, meant only for Scottish Rite Masons. As I have said before and will say again, Pike’s book Morals and Dogma was written for all of Free-masonry. Case in point, Chapter 30 of his book dealt almost exclusively with the Knight Templars; just like the first three chapters deal with the first three degree of Free-masonry. You see, Pike was a Blue Lodge Mason and a York Rite Mason, which includes contemporary Knight Templars. Chapter 30 simply proved my point yet again. Enjoy my friends:

A Lodge inaugurated under the auspices of Rousseau, the fanatic of Geneva, became the centre of the revolutionary movement in France, and a Prince of the blood-royal went thither to swear the destruction of the successors of Philippe le Bel on the tomb of Jacques de Molai. The registers of the Order of Templars attest that the Regent, the Duc d’Orleans, was Grand Master of that formidable Secret Society, and that his successors were the Duc de Maine, the Prince of Bourbon-Condé, and the Duc de Cossé-Brissac.

The Templars compromitted the King; they saved him from the rage of the People, to exasperate that rage and bring on the catastrophe prepared for centuries; it was a scaffold that the vengeance of the Templars demanded. The secret movers of the French Revolution had sworn to overturn the Throne and the Altar upon the Tomb of Jacques de Molai. When Louis XVI. was executed, half the work was done; and thenceforward the Army of the Temple was to direct all its efforts against the Pope.

Jacques de Molai and his companions were perhaps martyrs, but their avengers dishonored their memory. Royalty was regenerated on the scaffold of Louis XVI., the Church triumphed in the captivity of Pius VI., carried a prisoner to Valence, and dying of fatigue and sorrow, but the successors of the Ancient Knights of the Temple perished, overwhelmed in their fatal victory (Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma, 1871, p. 823-824).

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One thought on “The secret movers of the French Revolution had sworn to overturn the Throne and the Altar upon the Tomb of Jacques de Molai.

  1. I never could find the time to read Pikes book. They used to give them to new members of the order. I will get my 25 year award in Feb 2016. My dad used to have one but some how it got lost in shuffle after he passed..


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