But This Grand Idea Of An All-Governing Independent Mind Involved Difficulties Which Proved Insuperable; Because It Gave To Matter, In The Form Of Chaos, An Independent And Eternal Self-Existence, And So Introduced A Dualism Of Mind And Matter.

Pike gets technical, but don’t worry, I will attempt to breakdown his thoughts. The first clue to understanding what Pike is saying is to look at the word Pantheism, which simply means that the Universe, i.e. Nature, is identical with Divinity, or as some have proclaimed is Divinity, but that is more of a personal perspective. Therefore, the “all-governing independent mind” is the Universe itself. Furthermore, Pike wrote that this “independent mind” proved “insuperable.” The key word to define here is “insuperable,” which means, “impossible to solve or get control of: impossible to overcome.” As such, Pike is saying that the Universe (Divinity) is impossible to solve, control or even overcome. This idea is supported when he claimed that “matter” was formed into “chaos.” And chaos is “independent,” “eternal” and self-existent. This of course leads to the logical conclusion that mind and matter are dualistic in nature; dualism “denotes the state of two parts.” Many people will look upon his statement differently, which is a good thing, yet I have my own perspective, which is my soul, mind, thoughts, ideas and words are all part of something we don’t really understand, but collectively, I am apart of something that is greater than myself; call it nature or the universal mind if you will (i.e. God), which lives on forever. So, once again, when I claim “your words and thoughts have power, be careful how and when you use them,” I mean these words and thoughts can be apart of the chaos that Pike discussed above if one is not careful. Ever wonder why some monks went into solitude, never to speak again. The concept makes sense when put into that perspective doesn’t it. Always remember, silence is a Masons best friend:   

Thus Pantheism and Materialism were both avoided; and matter, though as infinitely varied as the senses represent it, was held in a bond of unity transferred to a ruling power apart from it. That Power could not be Prime Mover, if it were itself moved; nor All-Governing, if not apart from the things it governs. If the arranging Principle were inherent in matter, it would have been impossible to account for the existence of a chaos: if something external, then the old Ionian doctrine of a “beginning” became more easily conceivable, as being the epoch at which the Arranging Intelligence commenced its operations.

But this grand idea of an all-governing independent mind involved difficulties which proved insuperable; because it gave to matter, in the form of chaos, an independent and eternal self-existence, and so introduced a dualism of mind and matter. In the Mind or Intelligence, Anaxagoras included not only life and motion, but the moral principles of the noble and good; and probably used the term on account of the popular misapplication of the word “God,” and as being less liable to misconstruction, and more specifically marking his idea. His “Intelligence” principle remained practically liable to many of the same defects as the “Necessity” of the poets. It was the presentiment of a great idea, which it was for the time impossible to explain or follow out. It was not yet intelligible, nor was even the road opened through which it might be approached (Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma, 1871, p. 677-678).

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